The 21st century in retrospect #COVID19

From Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul

The 21st century in retrospect #COVID19

We must learn great lessons from this helpless situation that the world finds itself in. We were cruising on a ship that allowed oppression & punishment for those that spoke against oppression. A ship that criminalized those that stood against the legalization of homosexuality.

A ship that allowed the oppression of the weak ones. A ship that has sailed away from the #Palestinians, a ship whose captain denied the #Myanmar its peace of mind. A ship that accommodated *wokeness* where people blatantly oppose Divine guidance. A ship celebrated by the devil. 

The 21st century civilization saw a reversal in human civilization. Humanity enjoyed great respect because of its difference from animals. We were on a ship that sort to reduce humanity to animals. Marriage is no longer between opposite sexes, adultery is fun because it's consensual. 

The sails of the ship were provided forward motion by the wave of atheism. Everything but God. You must not mention God if you truly are an intellectual. Leave man with his intelligence & intuition but don't bring God into the equation. Man assumed the status of a Supreme being.

A consolidated and radical effort was in full gear to silence religious people from referencing the Word of God against things like Homosexuality, against opposing God's Will in gender difference, against nudity, against immorality. Man was arrogant and felt inviscible.

The common conversation between me and a friend of mine has always been, what's the latest trend on deviation from the truth? Everyday we see on social media platforms different trends largely immoral. Even some Muslims became arrogant and started opposing Allaah's rules.

You barely talk about rainbow movement, then you see some flaunting their disobedience in the name of Muslim LGBT society. Allaah is the Most Patient but the Prophet (SAW) said when Allaah grabs the oppressor, the criminal, none can save him or her.

We have had debates where Muslim ladies felt wearing Hijab which Allaah has obliged them to, is an issue of choice. Where people felt Zina should be allowed as long as its consensual. Where human opinions are favored above Divine revelation.

Religion was under attack, be it Islam or otherwise. The 21st century civilization felt it's bigger than some sets of "medieval rules" they say. Now here we are humbled to the knee.

The voice of truth was bullied everywhere in the world. Liberalism & modernism was amplified. It was right for LGBT to be protected but wrong to speak against it from religious perspective. We had a world of double standard. Yes past tense, I'm optimistic that some sense will come back to us. 

The Arab world felt it has to shed off her Islamic culture to embrace the new world order. Pubs, Cinemas were allowed in the name of tourism. The traditional conservative nature of the Arab world cutting across the middle east began to be lost in the dunes of history.

The liberals, the populists of Europe basked in the sun of rights and freedom. The entire Europe bacame the epicenter of moral decadence and with globalization, the entire world felt the ripple effect. Godlessness became the new order.

When you bring God into the equation, you are seen as backward and archaic. Now the entire world is compelled by #Covid19 to recognize the existential reality of One Supreme Being, Allaah.

Does anyone even has the strength to hold a placard today to advocate for LGBT right. Nafsi! Nafsi! I hope when the dust settles, we won't go back to our old evil ways.

The 21st century was on a fast lane and obviously it missed the track. Many casualties will be recorded but usually the survivors always take heed. The world is changing. The world has changed. It will never be the same again.

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Maryam Tafida 26/Mar/2020

Indeed the world had been crazy...May Allah rectify our affairs and give us more positive opportunities to go back to him.

فوزية 26/Mar/2020

جزاك الله خير يا ابو جبار