Positive lessons learned so far #COVID19

From Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul 

Positive Lessons learned so far #COVID19

1. A lot of people were sufficiently stressed in their constant striving to make a living. Perhaps, totally oblivious of the fact that they needed to rest. Now everyone, with the exception of our gallant Health workers and critical actors in the government gets to rest now.

2. We took personal hygine for granted. Now everyone is very critical of their personal hygine. Washing our hands constantly, applying sanitizers and observing the etiquettes of coughing and sneezing. #COVID19

3. Most of us just realized that we spend more than we need, a bit extravagant in our lives. Now, after stocking up (for those that are fortunate to buy food stuff), we now stay at home without having to spend for days. Now we feel the need to help those that are in need instead of being extravagant.

4. We have being neglectful of our immediate families because of our busy schedules in trying to acquire the things of this world or even striving for the Hereafter. Now, everyone has been blessed with the opportunity to bond with and to renew family love. #COVID19

5.Governments can actually spend less and save more if they can take full advantage of the digital technology in our midst. Instead of travelling for trainings and seminars, ICT hubs can be established in MDAs and staff connected via the internet to the world when the need arise.

6. A lot of things can be achieved online. Less risk factors in terms of traveling, stress and force majeur. This in particular is for developing worlds. Instead of travelling many miles and spending much on air tickets, lectures and seminars can be conducted online.

Afterall, there are always great opportunities in chaos. 

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