Preaching Islam for fame and wealth

Preaching Islam for fame and wealth 

I begin with the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

Islam is not a celebrity fantacy world, Islam is a humility and pragmatic world personified in anyone that repents it.

The moment a caller to Islam starts seeing da'awah as an avenue to gain popularity or to gain wealth, Allaah removes Barkah (blessings) from it. We must not take our eyes off the ball... IKHLAS (sincerity, doing it for the sake of Allaah Alone) is the ball in perspective. 

In Da'awah (preaching) there is no room for being liberal with what is conservative in nature just to gain the acceptance of a particular group. Each time a group accepts you, there is a corresponding group that will reject you. Only Allah accepts you all the time for your Ikhlas (sincerity). 

We must not put up a humble appearance in order to be accepted by people, we must be truly humble in order to be honored by Allaah. 

One of the setbacks of da'awah today in the digital world is that some of the young da'ees concentrate more on number of followers and likes thus compromising on Ikhlas and the truth itself. Brothers and sisters, you will never win everybody's heart even if you compromise on everything.

My sincere advice to one and all is that we should fear Allaah in whatever we do. Equip ourlseves with Ikhlas and focus on Akhira (Hereafter) and the genuine drive to see a changed society without the material eye (desiring thereby wealth or fame).

Do not approach da'awah as other things of this world, approach da'awah in an unique manner that is devoid of flamboyance, fame seeking or wealth seeking. Da'awah is about knowledge and true knowledge comes with humility simplicity. Preach even if it is one person that listens.

Let not the number of followers or admirers and praise singers affect the way you approach da'awah. Ask Allaah to nurture you in a manner that the words of praises or criticism will not affect the state of your Ikhlas when preaching.

The only thing that makes a person's effort in Da'awah to be appreciated by Allaah is Ikhlas and consistency with the Sunnah. Many have died but they still live amongst us through the power of the knowledge they left behind. Perhaps, they had Ikhlas.

Without Ikhlas (sincerity) and genuine drive to see that people are truly guided regardless of whether they like you or not, you will find yourself being exhausted. Ikhlas is the source of spiritual energy that never gets dissipated.

If your motivation in Da'awah is to gain praise followers, the day they stop praising you, you abandon da'awah.

If your motivation in Da'awah is to make fortune - money, the day the money stops coming through da'awah, you will abandon it.

If your motivation is to be famous though da'awah, the day you gained the popularity you ordered for, that fame becomes a flame and it burns you.

If your motivation is to sincerely invite others to goodness without the material eye (fame nor fortune) then even if everyone hates you, the motivation will still be alive as did Prophet Nuh (AS) for 950 years.

At the end, it is not about how many people liked us or hated us or accepted our message, it is about Whose sake it was done for. Remember, it is Allaah that guides not us, Allaah will reward any sincere Preacher even if no one was guided by his words.

Finally, in everything of life be sincere and do not take your eyes off the ball of sincerity..

May Allaah be pleased with us.

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