A possible alternative to protest

Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul

Influence people positively and do not be a celebrity influencer that will influence people to a catastrophic end.

Organise yourselves into legitimate and well coordinated groups, use your connections no matter how small (one of defects we have in the system) to seek for audience with your leaders. Before meeting them, articulate your demands and if possible with strategies to meeting them. Don't collect money from anyone.

Cries are genuine hence you have a legitimate ground to present your grievances in a very coordinated manner that the leaders will have no option than to have sympathy and empathy for us. Emotions are high and flying around but they need to be caged.

When you are advocating for a legitimate course, do not seek for the validation of people just do it for the sake of Allaah and see how you will be guided on how to achieve a positive result with zero infringement on the rights of others. 

We often condemn preachers that correct people in a harsh manner. We often align with scholars that approach issues with softness and empathy. We always advocate that preachers should employ this when correcting people. Why can't we then use same principle in approaching our leaders. 

Nobody in his right senses will say that things are not hard but seek for redress in a very coordinated manner devoid of protest and violence. 

But you need a peaceful ambience to even advocate for meaningful reforms. 

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