A delicate and dangerous generation

From Abu Jabir Abdullah Musa Abdul Penabdul

A delicate and dangerous generation

I begin with the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

A very delicate generation that needs very intelligent approach to be guided to the truth. Most at times the confusion lies when people tend to analyze the information at their disposal emotionally and sentimentally.

When you are dealing with a generation that believes absolutely that it knows everything, then you have to be very strategic in dealing with the doubts and wrong analysis that they dwel in.

Sometimes, you see a comment against some hard truth and you don't know whether to cry for the commentator or to dedicate your entire day to explain to him or her how the comment itself has exposed how little they know about the issue at stake.

In a world where everyone prides itself with intellectual prowess because Google is not far from our finger tips and where issues are more often than not discussed from an emotional and sentimal point of view, you are bound to wake up everyday to be flooded with combined ignorance.

Sometime you see someone making reference to Qur'an and Hadith while believing them to be evidences for their emotional outburst and sentimental positions but the question that runs through the mind is always those this person know the Sharh of the hadith and its application?

Information key but for it to be used as an evidence and for it to unshackle and individual from the chains of ignorance, it must be processed and digested. Otherwise, it does not become knowledge but a mere information which can mislead.

The most overrated thing on this platform is intelligence. This has misled so many people and given many others the assumption of being authorities especially when discussing delicate issues. We must be guided not to be misguided by the tidal wave of social media.

When we humble ourselves to learn the truth when we are confused about it, we become intelligent. But when we bask in our ignorance and arrogantly sit behind keyboards to oppose Islam using emotions and sentiments, then Islam will not be harmed in the least.

Anyone that is serious about wanting to sincerely understanding things they don't understand will ask to be explained to. When companions (RA) needed some explanation, they ask the Prophet SAW that brought the information. Hence, ask if you do not understand.

The absence of sincerity even in seeking for the truth has pushed many people further into the pitch of ignorance. We all are learning everyday and must keep asking those that we believe know more than we do. Do not assume things, knowledge is not assumption rather it is fact based.

You are dealing with a generation that has people that believe religion should be relegated to the tail end while emotions and sentiments be fed. This generation needs more attention from our scholars than any.

When you grow up in an environment that frowns at ungodly acts and things like LGBTQ based on religious and moral conviction, then you grow up having your brain wired normally. But when you grow up where these things are shove down your throat, you start seeing them as normal.

When someone is drowning, you need first to rescue them before anything. This generation is drowning in the ocean of exaggerated intelligence, immorality, emotions, sentiments and glorification of lewdness and all forms of immoral acts. Teach, encourage people to learn and be patient.

May Allaah protect all of us from these Satanic tidal waves that are swaying a lot of people from the truth. May Allaah guide and protect our Iman and protect our children from misguidance. May Allaah have mercy on us.

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