Beware of the deception of the 21st century civilization

From Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul

Oh Muslims, beware of the deception of the 21st century civilization

The 21st century woke individuals prefer what is haram over what is halal. They promote false cults to combat the truth. They insult God and promote blasphemy. They are extremely oppressive with their supposedly liberal lifestyle.

The 21st century woke individuals are proud and arrogant. They think everyone is wrong and only them are right. They promote a miserable, pathetic and apalling lifestyle. They never admit that they are wrong. They are the only progressive humans every other person is retrogressive.

It is extremely easy for the 21st century woke individuals to bury their differences and come together to form a united front against public enemy number one i e. Islam and the practicing Muslims. They do this to save their way of life which is the worshipping of their desires.

They see nothing wrong when blasphemous statements are made against any Prophet of God. They promote entertainment extremism and extreme freedom of expression. They are drowning in the ocean of freedom such that a man can identify as a woman and vice versa. This is how delusional they are.

The 21st century woke individuals prefer to strip our Muslim sisters off their haya (modesty and bashfulness) and make unchaste lifestyle appealing to them. The more she free-mixes with men, the more liberated she is made to feel.

Oh dear Muslim brothers and sisters, would you prefer this lifestyle over what Islam has given you of total liberation and unequaled civilization? 

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