THE Civilised Muslim

We are not backward, we are not barbaric, we are not irrational, we are not violent, we are not uncivilised, we are not anti-social, we are not racists, we are not terrorists, we are not sexists, we are not puppets. WE ARE SIMPLY MUSLIMS WITH THE BEST WAY OF LIFE AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY SO!

The 'liberal Muslims' and feminists amongst Muslims exhibit fear for the true Islam that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) brought. Hence, their vehement opposition to anyone that represents the true teachings of Islam. May Allaah open their hearts to accept the true teachings of Islam and discard whatever liberal and twisted mindset they might have developed.

Most of those championing gender parity and all the gender catchy phrases, lurk around to get young Muslim men and women to be their champions and then, they systematically sell the idea of LGBTQ to them to help them in propagating such filthy idea. Be smart!

Stand upright and tell the world the rights and even heights that Islam has given to the girl child, to women, the children, to humanity and nay to the animals. Thy use favors and privileges (money, scholarship, VISA, recognition, fellowship, citizenship, media platform, exaggerated relevance and false feeling of being an influencer) to entice and lure the young people to be the mouthpiece of Dajjal (anti-Christ). They embrace immorality as a way of life and then they get all or some of these privileges in return.

Do not mortgage your rich Islamic background for a miserable, paltry and pathetic price. May Allaah protect us and our families and make us firm believers and adherents of the teachings of the Prophet SAW.

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