It's not right but it's okay

From Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul

*It's okay if they do it but not right when you do it*

Those you follow blindly to oppose the truth, will always make a fool of you whenever they do that which they tell you not to do. They are your superiors and you are their inferiors. Hence, it's okay for them to stifle other people's freedom while they feed you with right slogans to go against your own.. BE WISE!!

When you teach a man to hate himself, you have destroyed him entirely. The "superior" thinkers teach you to hate yourself and your people. When they do what they taught you to hate and oppose, you find yourself applauding them. Mind manipulation...mental slavery.

You find yourself looking down on your culture and tradition. You undermine the success of your people because you have been totally brainwashed pyshcologically, that you and your people can never amount to anything meaningful. It doesn't matter how much or how hard you try, you can't make it.

You have no right to object to their ways or to observe them when they do their things but they make you believe that you can't succeed without them objecting to your ways that they feel are not good enough and without them observing how you run your affairs even as a nation.

You passively or actively seek for their validation of your way of life while they literally do not care the least about your way of life. They have canceled it unless it conforms to their ways. This is modern day slavery and brainwash system.

Start the journey to gaining back your conquered mind by throughly studying Islam and the spiritual, mental and physical liberation it offers.

Islam is here to help you take back your conquered mind.

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