Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you

Premarital sex and extramarital sex The destroyer of homes

Written by Abu Jabir Abdullah Musa Abdul Penabdul

I begin with the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Humans have been created with sexual urge which when channeled in the right direction, procreation becomes actualized.

The general principle of life is that God does not overburden man beyond his ability. With sexual urge comes the institution of marriage where man and woman can legitimately satisfy their sexual desires and be rewarded for doing so.

However, as it is with every energy that we have in us, Satan tends to create a destructive magnetic field that harnesses this sexual energy in humans. Hence, he makes Zina (both pre and extra-marital sexual relationships) attractive and fair-seeming to humans.

Man can either satisfy his inherent sexual needs legitimately (through marriage institution) or illegitimately (through illicit sexual activity).

Graciously, Allah has not prohibited anything illegitimate He has not legislated something legitimate that will dislodge it. Therefore, to satisfy our sexual needs, marriage was legislated so that Zina (illicit sexual activity) can vanish.

Procreation is the magical elixir of the human race. Through it, we pass through this world from generation to generation. It leaves behind a trace of the human race through sustained and well-documented genealogy. Hence, people find themselves related to others through blood.

This sacred theme of protecting the family lineage gives humans the confidence, courage, and legitimacy to participate actively in societal activities.

Sadly, when family lineage is obstructed or interrupted by illicit sexual activities, family happiness and moral fabric of the society is compromised and grossly threatened. Society bears the brunt.

There are many homes whose foundation is threatened by the flood of zina (adultery and fornication) either by the husband or the wife. The children suffer the most when there is moral eclipse in the family.

Social media, the free-mixing atmosphere, the availability of sexual content on the screen, the satanic whispering with constant provocation to sin, the weakness of the human mind, and the torque of the sexual urge, are lethal combinations that drive the married and the unmarried to Zina.

Sin is sin but some are major while others are minor. Zina (illicit sex) is a major sin that cannot be erased by mere uttering of Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) or giving of charity, it requires repentance which is a product of regret, leaving the sin and resolving not to do it again. 

Many men are victims of marrying women who maintain extramarital sexual affairs with others either their exes, colleagues at work, or mere acquaintances. Likewise, many women are dying emotionally from marrying men that think with their private parts and shamelessly womanize and feel emboldened by the silence of those that are supposed to call them to order when their wives cry out for help.

Men hide under the pretext of having the intention of polygamy to perpetuate their sexual desires with strange women leaving their wives emotionally and psychologically shattered and in most cases when these women run to their parents they often offer no decisive support.

Think about the gravity of the sin of Zina in the sight of Allah. Think about your daughters. Think about the evil consequences of Zina (illicit sex), think about the pain you put your partners through.

Satan only makes that woman sexually attracted to you because she is not your wife so that you can become restless until you commit Zina and condemn yourself to perpetual restlessness after committing it.

Satan only makes it seems as if the whole men are available for a woman once she leaves her matrimonial home. So, she trivializes the marriage she is in and becomes sexually reckless with men other than her husband. The man sees every other woman as more attractive than his wife and convinces himself that he could marry her just to open up a channel that will give birth to a chain of unfortunate deeds. In order to succeed, we must lower our gaze and not expose our weaknesses to dangers. Do not open a door you can not close. Fear Allah and abandon Zina so that you will become successful.

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